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What is Legambiente?

Legambiente is the most widespread environmental organization in Italy, with 20 Regional branches, more than 1,500 local groups in the whole country and more than 115,000 members. It is acknowledged as “association of environmental interest” by the Ministry of the Environment; it represents the UNEP National Committee for Italy, it is one of the leading members of EEB (“European Environmental Bureau”) the Federation of European environmental organization, and of IUCN - the World Conservation Union. The headquarter is in Rome, with a staff made up of fifty professionals and experts on different fields of activity.  


Among the most important activities of Legambiente are the awareness and monitoring national campaigns, which put together the scientific analysis of environmental quality with the public awareness and mobilization to protect the environment, as Festambiente, the national festival of Legambiente.



The international Festambiente is an ecological kermesse with 5 outdoor organic restaurants (with typical Italian and Mediterranean dishes), 4 BIO-Bars with organic products, a Bio-Stuzzicheria which uses organic ingredients. The ecological city is made up of by various areas (“different quarters and squares”…) where you can find a cinema (environmental art movies), theatre, workshops, institutional and commercial stands, an Ekomarket with organic and natural products, a new age area (with yoga, rebirthing, shiatsu), ateliers for kids, kids’ garden with recycled plastic furniture, excursions in the nature (canoeing, natural park of Maremma, beaches, woods, rivers…), ateliers for adults (handcraft, Mediterranean herbs, natural soaps, natural liqueurs).
Every night big political events which involve the participation of Italian Ministers (Environment, Justice, Social Affairs, etc.), politicians, international contributions in the environmental field, NGOs, show men and women, and the most important media (Rai, Mediaset, Ansa…). After the political debate over an environmental theme there is a great music concert which attracts numberless young people and also families.
To have a complete overview of the eco-city of Festambiente, please visit www.festambiente.it

The Numbers of Festambiente 

1. An area of over 3 hectares with expositive area, restaurant, cinema, concert spaces and 2500 m2 exclusively for children.

2. 80,000 visitors.

3. over 2,000 meals prepared every evening.

4. over 300 sponsorships (public and private).

5. over 480 media.

6. over 150 stands with companies and public institutions.

7. over 10 new events organized every day (meetings, shows, laboratories of education).

8. over 150 volunteers in different fields.


The Areas of Festambiente

1. an expositive area with 150 stand.

2. a space dedicated to renewable energies with the latest technologies and innovations.

3. a "city" of 2500 m2 dedicated to children for their education in order to raise awareness on environmental themes.

4. a cinema with national and international short films and films with social connotation.

5. a “debate” space  where the public can confront national and international personalities on important themes (environmental, justice, biodiversity, culture).

6. a space for the presentation of books.

7. an area for the artists to perform.

8. an area dedicated to natural therapies with the participation of the most important regional and national schools in this field.

9. a self-service vegetarian restaurant .

10. Four restaurants with typical biological and traditional products.

11. a space for wine and food tasting to promote quality agriculture and the best typical regional products.


Festambiente and the Stand's Area

The expositive area is situated in a big green field. Here, there are beyond 100 stands of companies and public institution (Ministries, municipalities, Regions, Parks). The common goal is the valorization of the environmental patrimony , the ecologic and sustainable productions and the rural and handicraft products.

Festambiente and the Focus

The debates are an important appointment of the agenda of Festambiente for the topics and subjects that are discussed (protected areas, solidarity and legality) and the participation of important personalities (journalists, politicians, natural Parks directors). 

Festambiente and Products of Quality

The cultural patrimony of a territory is expressed through wine and food. The typical products, the traditional and handicraft methods of production are the "DNA" of a Region. For this reason, Festambiente organizes many appointments for the promotion of the typical national and international products.

There is a special section where you can taste for free typical and traditional products. The limited number (you need to book the tasting) and the presence of an expert, guarantees a good explanation of the peculiarities and the qualities of the products tasted. The "Officina de(l)gusto" proved to be a great instrument to get to know the quality of wine and food in Tuscany and other regions in Italy through the tasting of some exemplificative productions of these territories.

The "Rassegne" are another tested instrument to involve the public in quality feeding, with traditional and typical products. Every meal is prepared respecting the territorial prescriptions and every product is illustrated by an expert. The "Rassegne" are important moments for the territorial appreciation and for the promotion of wine and food tourism. For this reason, enterprises, farms and public institutions (Parks, municipalities) often participate to this important meeting.

Festambiente and the International Dimension

Festambiente is also a point of encounter between different cultures. In fact numerous contacts with environmental associations, international Parks and international institutions as Ue, Unep, were possible thanks to this occasion. These organizations cooperate with Legambiente in international projects of solidarity and in actions of protection and valorization of nature and biodiversity. This network is the strength of Festambiente and gives even more value to the Festival.

Competition of extra virgin Olive Oils and organic wines. With this initiatives, Festambiente confirms its engagement in the promotion of high quality extra virgin olive oils and organic wines, making them known and appreciated to a wide public. Oils are examined through blind tasting by a Panel test. 

Press and Media

n. 480 in total (see the list) the media which spoke of Festambiente.


During these 28 editions, Festambiente has proved itself to be present in the provincial and regional dimension and to be a very important event for the promotion of typical and traditional products. At the same time, the festival confirmed itself to be an important national  appointment to talk about sustainable development, renewable energy, traditions,  quality of life and strategies to guarantee it.